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Dec 03

The Angry Atheist #110 w/ Franc Hoggle

The guest on this podcast is Franc Hoggle. Franc writes a blog called Grey Lining. Franc has also stirred up a lot of skeptics and atheists with his posts. This is a chance to hear the reasoning behind greylining instead of reading assumptions made by people who really know very little if anything about Franc. There is a small portion of the secular movement that seems stuck on ruling the rest and dictating behavior. Franc talks about that segment and the real effects they have on anything . We talk about  Santa Claus and learn more about the forced religious ‘education’ children are put through in Australia. Franc also gives his thoughts on the current leadership in his country. You can find Franc’s blog here go check it out.

You can also get more information about the fight against religion being taught in Australian schools here

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  • Kevin Solway

    Great show with Franc Hoggle

  • Franc Hoggle

    What I neglected to mention is that Access Ministries have little to do with mainstream christianity here – both the Catholic and Church of England dioceses have been harshly critical in fact. This is a breakdown of the prime movers behind Access -

    They should be of more concern to average humble xtians than to the godless.

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