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Sep 17

The Angry Atheist #101 w/ Maria Maltseva

Maria Maltseva joins The Angry Atheist to spend an hour talking about the current attitudes displayed by many who are skeptical/atheists. Does drama increase your blog hits? Are there differing viewpoints held by people even though they have much in common? Maria shares a  reasonable common sense look at the issues currently effecting some of the secular community. Those issues are not unique and not limited to just non-believers. The way they are being handled is.

You can find Maria Maltseva’s blog Musings From The Skeptical Left here, and she can be found on twitter as well

The Kylie Sturgess post on Dawkin’s twitter regarding blog hits/Boycotting websites can be found here.

The post on blog hit stats for Skepchick and Freethoughtblogs can be found here. It should be noted while suggesting the data provides proof, it at the same time does not claim to provide proof. That is one of the reasons it was discussed.

You may also want to check out you will find some great writers there.

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