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Jun 18

The Angry Atheist 88 w/ Jerry DeWitt

It has been said that reading the bible is the best way to end up becoming an atheist. In some cases that is undeniably true. Organized religion can no longer deny it-There are many people involved  in the church who have serious doubts about what they are preaching. Jerry DeWitt became a non-believer after more than twenty-five years of Pentecostal ministry and is currently the Executive Director of The Clergy Project, Jerry takes an hour to talk about what he has dealt with since leaving the church and Recovering From Religion which helps those who have questions and doubts about any type of religion.


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  • Crispy Sea (@CrispySea)

    Top notion for Jesus brand products, Reap. Happy to offer free marketing assistance if you ever get around to producing the Jesus Nail-gun. :)
    Interesting to hear the causality of how ‘speaking in tongues’ became de rigueur.
    Educational and intelligent show, guys.

  • M. Rodriguez

    great podcast, really enjoyed it.

  • radical4truth .

    There is so much wrong with this guy’s understanding about God, the Bible, hell, and his pastoral claims — that we could see how he could deceive atheists and the Western Imperialist religious world. Must be quite a trophy. Send him down to us in South America to push his childish nonsense or take one of the challenges found here.

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