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Apr 06

The Angry Atheist 70 w/ Mike Lee

Welcome to the 70th Angry Atheist podcast with no end in site. Mike Lee also known as the Religious Antagonist joins the Angry Atheist  to talk about his style of dealing with atheism, and we discuss some of the problems the country faces and will face in the future as the atheists grow in number and religion watches itself starved to death by it’s own inability to use common sense when thinking about the world. You can talk about faith as much as you like , but the answers to the questions faith creates only come through using logic and accepting reality. We also talk about some of the strangeness of Mormonism.

You can find Mike Lee and his work on Youtube, You can join him on FaceBook, and you can follow Mike on twitter, you may also catch Mike Lee at the local strip bar eating chicken wings ……

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