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Mar 07

The Angry Atheist 65 w/ Anthony David Jacques

An ex music pastor and writer for An American Atheist, Anthony David Jacques joins The Angry Atheist for an hour. Anthony graduated from North Central Bible College in 2004 with a degree in Music Theory and served as a Music Pastor until early 2009, when the questions of his youth, and many collected since then, became too much to allow him to lead worship in good conscience. You can find …you might be an atheist here.

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  • randy

    I still think you can say there’s definitely no god. There may be other beings which are more evolved or advanced with better technology. Would we be considered gods to ants?

  • Paul Biscontine

    This podcast with David Jacques was a riveting experience to me in that it took me back to North Central
    Bible College where I too graduated, was eventually ordained a minister and served several churches. Like David, I became curious for the real answers and in my later years. and am now a flaming atheist. I no longer have to make excuses for my positions and beliefs and what a clear mind that brings to those who accept it. Thanks for your stand and candor!

    Paul Biscontine

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