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Feb 27

The Angry Atheist 63

The guest on this podcast has asked that I take it down. After some consideration I have decided to remove it.
If a person does not or can not stand up for the words they use, the thoughts they have, and the opinions they form then there really is no reason to share them publicly, in fact it is a complete waste of time for everyone involved. Enough time is wasted as it is I’m not going to encourage/enable making it happen more often.



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  • James Smith

    I agree. If you feel you must conceal your identity to hide from what you’re doing, perhaps you should not be doing it. That’s why I always use my real name and post all of my proof of who I am on including how I became atheist at age 13. (see the “Becoming Free” video)

    I consider it to be intellectual and ethical honesty.

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