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Feb 06

The Angry Atheist 57 w/ Nathan Griffiths

This time  The Angry Atheist spends some time with Nathan Griffiths. Nathan tells us how the atheist movement in America looks to him from the UK. We also hear how atheism has effected Nathan’s  relationships both romantic and casual.  You can find Nathan on twitter here.

Also, you may want to vote for The Readers’ Choice Awards for Agnosticism / Atheism on the website. Go  vote for your favorites….ahem

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  • absolute godless

    loved the pod-cast i dsagree with the fact that religion isnt in your face. we have sharia law (islamic law) in the UK and no go zones for non-muslims in London/Birmingham. A man muslim man was raping women in london for being non-muslim.. its not so much christians or catholics here that are the problems. it is the muslim communites and what they teach in mosques. ;)

  • Nathan

    I suppose in Kent I don’t see this. my point is I feel that a lot of the Islamic stories are just sensationalist reporting.

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