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Jan 06

The Angry Atheist 51 w/ Richard Haynes (Brother Richard)

Richard Haynes provides a sermon on atheism to the Angry Atheist by request. Richard is  a former fundamentalist minister who has seen the light of science and reason. He is also executive director for Atheist Nexus which provides a hub where atheists can go to find atheist based groups of all types from around the country. Brother Richard tells us about his road through religion an what he believes atheists need to do so that others can be open about their lack of belief without it causing them strife. Make sure you check out  Atheist Nexus it is a great site with lots of information.

If you are someone who has determined that religion no longer has a place in your life, but are still dealing with the after-effects in some way or another then check out Recovering From Religion

And don’t forget about The Reason Rally, you don’t want to miss it

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