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Mar 03

The Angry Atheist #138 w/ Brian Allen

Angry Atheist/ Apartment J

Brian Allen the owner of Apartment J Entertainment and co-host of ReapSowRadio  hangs out for his 2nd time on the podcast. Brian talks about some of the ways his activism and opinions have changed since his first time on the podcast back in 2011. Don’t forget  to share the podcast and thanks for listening.

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  • Didgya

    Brians 90s flashback “Hearsay” by NIN. Sadly I have that on my ipod still!

  • Didgya

    Brian Pwning: Hey I’m one of those shitbags with a blog!

  • Didgya

    Didgya Pwning: I want a trophy!

  • mister d

    Brian Allen is a uber christian sleeper agent!

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