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Sep 16

The Angry Atheist #130 w/ Dave Foda



Dave Foda joins the Angry Atheist to talk about whether Jesus was just a marketing tool. Dave shares how he came to be a contributor  on Al Sefanelli’s site. Does faith have anything to do with beauty pagents? What is driving the Amish to abuse drugs?

David also enjoys engaging with Christian apologetics, just for laughs. Somebody has to do it . We also learn about his journey to becoming an atheist.

As atheists it is important we are open about our lack of belief and if you have been thinking you are alone that is not likely to be true . A google search may open up a whole new opportunity to meet people just like you.

For example-  Dave is also a member of Charlotte Atheists, one of the largest atheist groups in the country and you can find him on twitter @DaveFoda

You can also find Dave as a co-blogger on Al Stefanelli’s site


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  • RLBaty

    I remember Dave from before he became such a media darling!

  • Dave Foda

    One correction – I totally screwed this one up – I mentioned David Niose’s most recent book, ’cause I got the title wrong. I am terribly sorry: I had several things running around in my head at the time, and I goofed, badly. I have no real excuse. Forgive me…..please?) The title of Niose’s book is “Nonbeliever Nation: The Rise of Secular Americans.”

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