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Mar 08

The Angry Atheist #119 w/ Lsuoma


    There is a forum which was created to counter non-skeptics from A+, Skepchicks, some FTB bloggers, and anyone else who spreads disinformation.  The forum is unmoderated except for one lone man named Lsuoma.

The Angry Atheist talks with Lsuoma about his role at the slymepit forum and his opinions on some of the goings on.  He also shares some of his life story as well. Lsuoma is very humble about his leadership of the slymepit forum. He has proved to be a fair and intelligent moderator unlike those found in some other forums.
You can check out the slymepit forum here. 

The Angry Atheist it at 160,000 dl. Thanks to all the listeners for the support!

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  • Eu

    By the way reap, if official comments are in white, it is really hard to see them on the light grey background.

  • Eu

    Friendly TW: This is the inferior Eu. It’s also going to be a rambly comment.

    Godd, that accent. You should interview this man a bit more for how he sounds.
    as for content, he may be a bit of a stinkiepoo, buttt..


    Did you say you were married and have cats, or that you’re married to your cats? hard to hear through the accent sometimes.

    Did you say she tried to set you on fire? You poor baby… (being srs)
    lol @ horny times with the cult.

    paid lots of attention to the atheist-in-the-U.S. bit.

    didnt know about the pHd, nice. (Not that I know much of anything about you.)

    Ooo, I think that’s what I want to look into as a job but I’m not sure… IT?

    As for the power going to his head, (don’t call me dumb for this or ask where I got the conclusion), I observed him and thought that he wanted to be like that all along – he was just being safe in the beginning and then along the road got the courage to just go full on godzilla mode. I really believe that he always wanted to be that way.

    Agree with the internet balls syndrome.. its where he lets his balls out. Unless you didn’t say balls. Well, I think he has IBS.

    As for power… I think I would do good with power. Wouldn’t abuse it… etc. :D. But I’m more of a submissive type, so no one needs to have unrealistic nightmares about it.

    Wow, 20 years? Is it an England thing? 70 years old? That’s kind of sad.. made me tear up a bit actually thinking about it. You should be shooting for 90 something though to be honest.

    When I get old… as in broken down (and I will actually try to hold it off as long as possible.. none of that middle aged “it’s normal to have (these) symptoms” bullshit.), I’m just going to end myself. I hate the idea of getting that old. It’s why I don’t really like to see old people in action.. not that I hate old people. They were once young too, I guess.

    Liability… is that part of it? Foreign country scare? From what I see UK-ers and US-ers act with the same caution. There are some people that are overcautious (definitely people form the UK too), and LOADS of people who just do whatever on American forums. Of course, a lawyer is way more cautious than everyone else.

    Aw… he got beat up…

    He said he only saw his second wife twice before proposing or did I understand and/or hear that wrong? o.o if I didn’t… that beats Kate and Will rolyalty in terms of hasty decisions.

    Oh god… stories… even I realize that parts of my life story aren’t boring (excluding the hell parts. I don’t want to tell stories about that unless I’m desperate for random advice/complaining), although the reactions I get sometimes set me off.

    I just watched The Unloved (UK indie film), totally relevant to the subject of the foster children in UK.

  • Eu

    Reap… was there something wrong with my comment? Is that why its not appearing?

  • Anonymous

    A great interview, thanks Reap and Lsuoma!

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