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Feb 19

The Angry Atheist #118 w/ John C. Welch


The Angry Atheist hangs out with John C. Welch who is a podcaster and blogger from Florida.

John tells us a little about the people who live in Florida. You will also learn his thoughts on using the word atheist to describe his beliefs. We also learn a little about what happens when you cross the line on an Air Force base.

John is also a member of the slymepit forum so we talk a little about the group of atheist/skeptics who have stopped being skeptical over at Freethought Blogs (FTB)

Is there a new Apple iwatch coming?  The Angry Atheist asks and finds out the answer and then some.

You can find John on Twitter here. You can find his blog here and  the Angry Mac Bastards Podcast can be heard here

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