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Feb 11

The Angry Atheist #117 w/ Paul Elam



The Angry Atheist spends an hour with Paul Elam who runs a website called A Voice For Men. Paul is often accused of hate much like the way atheists are thought to be angry by default.  There is no hate here and no anger. Since it is it is important to try and understand something before you hate it you are invited to listen and then form your own opinion. Paul talks about what the common belief is among most types of feminism and how some stats and data people take as proof of a problem may not be as it appears at first glance. Paul also talks about  the problems we need to fix , but first we need to be mature enough to talk about those problems with as little bias as possible. It’s never good to make negative assumptions about anyone or anything and that’s why you should listen and then  decide where you fall on the issues of men’s rights and feminism.You can find A Voice For Men here. The A Voice For Men radio show/podcast can be found here.


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