May 26

The Angry Atheist #144 w/ Scrubb



The Angry Atheist spends an hour with Scrubb.

Scrubb is from Utah and is one of the hosts of Sonic Blasph3my

He tells us how some of his doubts about religion first developed. He tells us about his podcast

We talk about Mormons, comics, music, and Magic Underwear!

Make sure you check out the Sonic Blasph3my  podcast and look them up on twitter


May 16

The Angry Atheist #143 w/ The Zombie Atheist


The Zombie Atheist hangs out and talks about his path to atheism from a Seventh-day Adventist upbringing. What are atheists doing right and what are they doing wrong? Will religion evolve itself into extinction?

You can find The Heathen Half Hour podcast  and links to The Zombie Atheist here


Apr 29

The Angry Atheist #142 w/ Jeremy Kolassa


Jeremy Kolassa from Washington D.C hangs out with The Angry Atheist to talk about politics and religion. Jeremy shares the story of how he came to be ignostic.  We also talk about when atheists should fight religion and when they should save the fight for another more important  issue.

You can find Jeremy’s blog here he can also be found on twitter and google+


Apr 18

The Angry Atheist #141 w/ Andrew Wilson



Andrew Wilson joins the podcast to talk about  the story of Noah’s Ark and some of the obvious problems with the arguments used by  young earth creationists. Andrew was so deep into the church he actually applied to be a minister and was accepted he talks about what happened when he was interviewed for the position. How important is it to be an atheist versus being a skeptic? Science has one strength that religion lacks what is it and are we teaching science the proper way?

You can find Andrew on here or on twitter @Stooshie



The podcast is also 3 years old and I’d like to thank all the people who have been a part both as listeners and guests- It has been a pleasure.


Mar 27

The Angry Atheist #140 w/ Terry Sacrey


Terry Sacrey joins The Angry Atheist podcast for the second time to talk about what has changed from the last time he was on way back in podcast #54

Is mankind doomed to fail? Will technology save us or doom us? Do people always need someone to help them see the world in a skeptical way?  Make sure you check out Terry’s blog The Analyzed Atheist here. You can also hear Terry on ReapSowRadio


Mar 17

The Angry Atheist #139 w/ Bruce Gerencser

aaneyThe Angry Atheist spends an hour with writer Bruce Gerencser Bruce Gerencser was an Evangelical pastor  for 25 years. Bruce left the Christian faith and is now a secular humanist blogger who lives in a small town in Ohio. Bruce spent a lot of years leading people to god but ended up an atheist. He shares the story of how he came to be an atheist, how it effects his family members in public, and what it has done to the relationships he has with extended family members. You can find Bruce’s blog The Way Forward here



Don’t forget to share this podcast and remember to support  bloggers, podcasters and anyone else who is doing work  for causes you believe in so they can continue their efforts knowing they have people behind them.


Mar 03

The Angry Atheist #138 w/ Brian Allen

Angry Atheist/ Apartment J

Brian Allen the owner of Apartment J Entertainment and co-host of ReapSowRadio  hangs out for his 2nd time on the podcast. Brian talks about some of the ways his activism and opinions have changed since his first time on the podcast back in 2011. Don’t forget  to share the podcast and thanks for listening.


Feb 13

The Angry Atheist #137 w/ Lucien Greaves from The Satanic Temple

The Angry Atheist podcast

The Angry Atheist spends an hour hanging out with the spokesman for The Satanic Temple. He discusses some of the details of their attempt to level the playing field at the Oklahoma Capital. We also talk about the different types of responses to that action. Lucien thinks it is the right time for Atheistic Satanism to rise up to the challenges presented by other supernatural belief systems and he could very well be correct.  The fact of the matter is that Satanism has taken on a new face and is  purpose driven as opposed to previous  groups who preferred to keep Satanism out of the public view .You can learn more about The Satanic Temple here


Jan 27

The Angry Atheist #136 w/ Nicole


The Angry Atheist

The Angry Atheist hangs out with Nicole who is from Indiana. Nicole tells us what a strong effect religion had on her as a child and what it felt like to finally realize belief in god wasn’t mandatory. She also talks about people who say they are religious but never seem to follow all the rules.  We also learn where to get free babysitting if you are Christian turns out church is useful for some people after all. If you have enjoyed the podcast feel free to contribute you can find the donate button on The Angry Atheist website. Thanks for your support .


Dec 15

The Angry Atheist #135 w/ FlyingFree333



It’s been a while so The Angry Atheist hangs out with FlyingFree333 to see what he has been dealing with lately. Is there a current trend for atheists to fall into the same type of thinking they have been battling against only involving a different type of belief system or ideology that doesn’t have the well being or best interests of everyone in mind? He may upset a lot of people with his positions on various issues but you can’t say he hasn’t put some serious thought into things. We talk about politics, feminism, skeptics, polyamory, and of course religion. You can find more from Flyingfree333 on youtube and on twitter


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